1. verb /bɔɹk/
a) To misconfigure, especially a computer or other complex device.

After an eight-year hiatus, these groups are back on the scene, ready to implement an apparent vicious strategy of Borking any judicial nominee who happens to disagree with their view of how the world should be.

b) To break or damage.

Forcing their adversaries to bork nominees may, they may think, lead voters in the middle to think less well of liberals, enhancing the distaste for Washington politics that has helped conservatives gain political power.

2. noun /bɔɹk/
a) an offence which the player thowing in to a line-out moves his arms as if to throw the ball, but does not release it. This incurs an immediate free-kick against the original line-out takers.

Borken til treet hadde falle av.

b) bark (exterior covering of a tree)

: The bark of the tree had fallen off.

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