Of or pertaining to any of several isomeric univalent radicals in which a hydrogen atom of a butyric radical is replaced by an amino group

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  • Gamma-aminobutyric acid — Chembox new ImageFile=Gamma Aminobuttersäure gamma aminobutyric acid.svg ImageSize=230 ImageFile2=GABA3d.png IUPACName=4 aminobutanoic acid OtherNames= Section1= Chembox Identifiers CASNo=56 12 2 PubChem=119 ChemSpiderID = 116 SMILES=C(CC(=O)O)CN …   Wikipedia

  • Alpha-Aminobutyric acid — (AABA) is an isomer of the amino acid aminobutyric acid with chemical formula C4H9NO2. There is also gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) and beta aminobutyric acid.It is a key intermediate in the biosynthesis of ophthalmic acid or ophthalmate, which… …   Wikipedia

  • gamma-aminobutyric acid — var of GAMMA AMINOBUTYRIC ACID gam·ma ami·no·bu·tyr·ic acid also gamma ami·no·bu·tyr·ic acid .gam ə ə .mē (.)nō byü .tir ik , .gam ə .am ə (.)nō n an amino acid C4H9NO2 that is a neurotransmitter that induces inhibition of postsynaptic neurons… …   Medical dictionary

  • δ-aminobutyric acid amino transferase — An enzyme catalyzing the reversible transfer of an amino group from δ aminobutyric acid to 2 oxoglutarate, thus forming a l glutamic acid and succinate semialdehyde. An important step in the catabolism of δ aminobutyric acid …   Medical dictionary

  • γ-aminobutyric acid — 4 Aminobutyric acid; a constituent of the central nervous system; quantitatively the principal inhibitory neurotransmitter. Used in the treatment of a number of disorders ( e.g., epilepsy) …   Medical dictionary

  • γ-aminobutyric acid — γ ami·no·bu·tyr·ic ac·id (GABA) (ə me″no bu tērґik) an ω amino acid formed in the metabolism of L glutamic acid; it is the principal inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain but is also found in several extraneural… …   Medical dictionary

  • gamma-aminobutyric acid — ¦gamə.ə¦mē(ˌ)nō, mə¦amə̇(ˌ)nōˌ… noun also γ aminobutyric acid Etymology: gamma (II) + amin + butyric acid : an amino acid C4H9NO2 that is a neurotransmitter that induces inhibition of postsynaptic neurons abbreviation GABA …   Useful english dictionary

  • γ-aminobutyric acid — noun see gamma aminobutyric acid …   Useful english dictionary

  • gamma-aminobutyric acid — noun Date: 1957 an amino acid C4H9NO2 that is a neurotransmitter which induces inhibition of postsynaptic neurons …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Кислота Гаммааминобутуровая (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (Gaba)) — аминокислота, присутствующая в центральной нервной системе (главным образом в головном мозге), где она действует как ингибитор нейромедиаторов. Источник: Медицинский словарь …   Медицинские термины

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