polynomial time

polynomial time
1. noun
time complexity which is bounded by some polynomial
(Of an algorithm) which enjoys polynomial time

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  • Polynomial time — In computational complexity theory, polynomial time refers to the computation time of a problem where the run time, m ( n ), is no greater than a polynomial function of the problem size, n .Written mathematically using big O notation, this states …   Wikipedia

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  • Polynomial-time reduction — In computational complexity theory a polynomial time reduction is a reduction which is computable by a deterministic Turing machine in polynomial time. If it is a many one reduction, it is called a polynomial time many one reduction, polynomial… …   Wikipedia

  • Pseudo-polynomial time — In computational complexity theory, a numeric algorithm runs in pseudo polynomial time if its running time is polynomial in the numeric value of the input (which is exponential in the length of the input its number of digits).An ExampleConsider… …   Wikipedia

  • Almost Wide Probabilistic Polynomial-Time — In theoretical computer science, Almost Wide Probabilistic Polynomial Time (AWPP) is a complexity class for problems in the context of quantum computing.AWPP contains the BQP (Bounded error, Quantum, Polynomial time) class, which contains the… …   Wikipedia

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  • Polynomial space — In computational complexity theory, polynomial space refers to the space required in computation of a problem where the space, m ( n ), is no greater than a polynomial function of the problem size, n .Written mathematically, m ( n ) = O( n k )… …   Wikipedia