bust one's chops

bust one's chops
To exert oneself.

Ive been busting my chops to get this out by end of day.

See Also: bust someones chops, bust chops

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  • bust one's chops — phrasal : to give one a hard time * * * informal exert oneself …   Useful english dictionary

  • bust one's chops N. Amer. — bust one s chops N. Amer. informal exert oneself. → chops …   English new terms dictionary

  • bust one's ass — verb to work very hard, to put in a lot of effort. Syn: bust ones arse, bust ones butt, bust ones chops …   Wiktionary

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  • chops — plural noun informal 1》 a person s or animal s mouth, jaws, or cheeks. 2》 the technical skill of a jazz or rock musician. Phrases bust one s chops N. Amer. informal exert oneself. bust someone s chops N. Amer. informal nag or criticize someone.… …   English new terms dictionary

  • chops — /tʃɒps/ (say chops) Colloquial –plural noun 1. the jaw. 2. Jazz a. → embouchure (def. 3b). b. musical ability and technical prowess. –phrase 3. bust someone s chops, to nag, criticise or reprimand someone. 4. in the chops, in th …   Australian English dictionary

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  • labor — 1. noun 1) manual labor Syn: work, hard work, toil, exertion, industry, drudgery, effort, menial work; informal slog, grind, sweat, scut work; literary travail, moil Ant: rest, leisu …   Thesaurus of popular words

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