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  • Metaplectic group — In mathematics, the metaplectic group Mp2n is a double cover of the symplectic group Sp2n. It can be defined over either real or p adic numbers. The construction covers more generally the case of an arbitrary local or finite field, and even the… …   Wikipedia

  • Metaplectic structure — In differential geometry, a metaplectic structure is the symplectic analog of spin structure on orientable Riemannian manifolds. A metaplectic structure on a symplectic manifold allows one to define the symplectic spinor bundle, which is the… …   Wikipedia

  • Mock modular form — In mathematics, a mock modular form is the holomorphic part of a harmonic weak Maass form, and a mock theta function is essentially a mock modular form of weight 1/2. The first examples of mock theta functions were described by Srinivasa… …   Wikipedia

  • Group extension — In mathematics, a group extension is a general means of describing a group in terms of a particular normal subgroup and quotient group. If Q and N are two groups, then G is an extension of Q by N if there is a short exact sequence:1 ightarrow N… …   Wikipedia

  • Tomio Kubota — is a Japanese mathematician, who studies number theory. His contributions include works on p adic L functions and real analytic automorphic forms.His work on p adic L functions, later recognised as an aspect of Iwasawa theory, was joint with… …   Wikipedia

  • Lie group — Lie groups …   Wikipedia

  • Symplectic group — For finite groups with all characteristc abelian subgroups cyclic, see group of symplectic type. Group theory …   Wikipedia

  • Simple Lie group — Lie groups …   Wikipedia

  • Dedekind eta function — For the Dirichlet series see Dirichlet eta function. Dedekind η function in the complex plane The Dedekind eta function, named after Richard Dedekind, is a function defined on the upper half plane of complex numbers, where the imaginary part is… …   Wikipedia

  • Chirplet transform — Comparison of wave, wavelet, chirp, and chirplet In signal processing, the chirplet transform is an inner product of an input signal with a family of analysis primitives called chirplets. Contents …   Wikipedia

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