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  • Glycal — is a name for cyclic enol ether derivatives of sugars having a double bond between carbon atoms 1 and 2 of the ring. The name should not be used or modified as a class name for monosaccharide derivatives having a double bond in any other position …   Wikipedia

  • glycal — An unsaturated sugar derivative in which the adjacent hydroxyl groups are removed, one of which is that upon the carbon 1 of the aldose (or carbon 2 of the ketose), yielding a CH=CH between these two positions. SYN: glucal. * * * gly·cal… …   Medical dictionary

  • glucal — SYN: glycal. * * * glu·cal (glooґkal) a glycal of glucose …   Medical dictionary

  • Ferrier rearrangement — The Ferrier rearrangement is an organic reaction that involves a nucleophilic substitution reaction combined with an allylic shift in a 2,3 Unsaturated glycoside (see glycals).In this example of a Ferrier rearrangement tri O acetyl D glucal (OAc… …   Wikipedia

  • Glucal — Chembox new Reference= [ [ Glucal] at Sigma Aldrich] ImageFile=Glucal.png ImageSize=120px IUPACName=( 2R,3S,4R ) 2 (Hydroxymethyl) 3,4 dihydro 2H pyran 3,4 diol OtherNames=… …   Wikipedia

  • glucal — noun The glycal derived from glucose …   Wiktionary

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