describing a process that involves the gain or loss of heat, and a change in entropy

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  • diabatic — adj. (Physics) involving a transfer of heat. a diabatic process {adiabatic} [WordNet 1.5] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Diabatic — See also adiabatic process, a concept in thermodynamics A diabatic process is one in which heat transfer takes place, which is the opposite of an adiabatic process.[1] In quantum chemistry, the potential energy surfaces are obtained within the… …   Wikipedia

  • diabatic — adjective involving a transfer of heat a diabatic process • Ant: ↑adiabatic • Topics: ↑physics, ↑natural philosophy * * * |dīə|bad.ik adjective Etymology …   Useful english dictionary

  • diabatic — /duy euh bat ik/, adj. occurring with an exchange of heat (opposed to adiabatic): a diabatic process. [ < Gk diabat(ós) able to be crossed, fordable (equiv. to dia DIA + batós passable, verbal adj. of baínein to walk, go) + IC] * * * …   Universalium

  • diabatic — /daɪəˈbætɪk/ (say duyuh batik) adjective involving a process in which heat leaves or enters a system, as in condensation, evaporation, solar radiation, etc.: a diabatic thermodynamic process. Compare adiabatic …   Australian English dictionary

  • diabatic — di·a·bat·ic …   English syllables

  • Adiabatic theorem — The adiabatic theorem is an important concept in quantum mechanics. Its original form, due to Max Born and Vladimir Fock (1928),cite journal |author=M. Born and V. A. Fock |title=Beweis des Adiabatensatzes |journal=Zeitschrift für Physik A… …   Wikipedia

  • Landau–Zener formula — The Landau–Zener formula is an analytic solution to the equations of motion governing the transition dynamics of a 2 level quantum mechanical system, with a time dependent Hamiltonian varying such that the energy separation of the two states is a …   Wikipedia

  • Orlando Tapia Olivares — Nacimiento 25 de mayo de 1938 (73 años) Combarbalá,Chile Residencia Uppsala, Suecia …   Wikipedia Español

  • Adiabatic process — This article covers adiabatic processes in thermodynamics. For adiabatic processes in quantum mechanics, see adiabatic process (quantum mechanics). For atmospheric adiabatic processes, see lapse rate. In thermodynamics, an adiabatic process or an …   Wikipedia

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