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  • Grassmann number — In mathematical physics, a Grassmann number (also called an anticommuting number or anticommuting c number) is a mathematical construction which allows a path integral representation for Fermionic fields. They were discovered by David John… …   Wikipedia

  • Spin-statistics theorem — Statistical mechanics Thermodynamics · …   Wikipedia

  • Superspace — has had two meanings in physics. The word was first used by John Wheeler to describe the configuration space of general relativity; for example, this usage may be seen in his famous 1973 textbook Gravitation .The second meaning refers to the… …   Wikipedia

  • Clifford module — In mathematics, a Clifford module is a representation of a Clifford algebra. In general a Clifford algebra C is a central simple algebra over some field extension L of the field K over which the quadratic form Q defining C is defined. The… …   Wikipedia

  • Euler–Lagrange equation — In calculus of variations, the Euler–Lagrange equation, or Lagrange s equation is a differential equation whose solutions are the functions for which a given functional is stationary. It was developed by Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler and… …   Wikipedia

  • Faddeev–Popov ghost — In physics, Faddeev Popov ghosts (also called ghost fields) are additional fields which need to be introduced in the realization of gauge theories as consistent quantum field theories. There is also a more general meaning of the word ghost in… …   Wikipedia

  • Schwinger's variational principle — In Schwinger s variational approach to quantum field theory, introduced by Julian Schwinger, the quantum action is an operator. Although this approachis superficially different from the functional integral(path integral) where the action is a… …   Wikipedia

  • Spectral sequence — In the area of mathematics known as homological algebra, especially in algebraic topology and group cohomology, a spectral sequence is a means of computing homology groups by taking successive approximations. Spectral sequences are a… …   Wikipedia

  • Four-fermion interactions — In quantum field theory, fermions are described by anticommuting spinor fields. A four fermi interaction describes a local interaction between four fermionic fields at a point. Local here means that it all happens at the same spacetime point.… …   Wikipedia

  • Fermionic field — In quantum field theory, a fermionic field is a quantum field whose quanta are fermions; that is, they obey Fermi Dirac statistics. Fermionic fields obey canonical anticommutation relations rather than the canonical commutation relations of… …   Wikipedia

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