Any of the members of two superficially catlike animal species classified in the mammalian subfamily Prionodontinae.

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  • linsang — [ lɛ̃sɑ̃g; linsɑ̃ŋ ] n. m. • 1846; mot javanais ♦ Petit mammifère carnivore, félin d Asie tropicale, au pelage fauve tacheté ou rayé. ● linsang nom masculin (mot javanais) Petit mammifère carnivore des forêts tropicales d Asie, voisin de la… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Linsang — Lin*sang (l[i^]n*s[aum]ng ), n. (Zo[ o]l.) Any viverrine mammal of the genus {Prionodon}, inhabiting the East Indies and Southern Asia. The common East Indian linsang ({Prionodon gracilis}) is white, crossed by broad, black bands. The Guinea… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • linsang — [lin′saŋ΄] n. [Javanese liṅsaṅ, wliṅsaṅ] any of several small, long tailed, catlike carnivores (family Viverridae) found in the Old World tropics …   English World dictionary

  • linsang — /lin sang/, n. any of several civetlike carnivores of the genera Prionodon, of the East Indies, and Poiana, of Africa, having retractile claws and a long tail: some East Indies linsangs are endangered. [1880 85; < Javanese lingsang] * * * ▪… …   Universalium

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  • linsang — /ˈlɪnsæŋ/ (say linsang) noun a cat like, viverrine carnivore with retractile claws and a long tail, of the genus Prionodon (or Linsang) of southern Asia, or Poina of Africa. {Malay} …   Australian English dictionary

  • linsang — noun Etymology: Javanese lingsang Date: 1821 either of two small nocturnal chiefly forest dwelling viverrid Asian mammals (Prionodon pardicolor and P. linsang) having an elongated slender muzzle and long tail; also a related mammal (Poiana… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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  • Linsang — Lin|sang der; s, e <aus dem Malai.> Bez. für drei Arten kurzbeiniger Schleichkatzen in den Wäldern Zentral u. Westafrikas sowie Südasiens …   Das große Fremdwörterbuch