1. noun
An integer that possesses at least one characteristic of a prime number without actually being prime.
Describing such an integer.

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  • Pseudoprime — A pseudoprime is a probable prime (an integer which shares a property common to all prime numbers) which is not actually prime. Pseudoprimes can be classified according to which property they satisfy.The most important class of pseudoprimes come… …   Wikipedia

  • Lucas pseudoprime — In number theory, the classes of Lucas pseudoprime and Fibonacci pseudoprime comprise sequences of composite integers that passes certain tests that all primes pass: in this case, criteria relative to some Lucas sequence.DefinitionGiven two… …   Wikipedia

  • Strong pseudoprime — In number theory, a strong pseudoprime is a composite number that passes a pseudoprimality test. All primes pass this test, but a small fraction of composites pass as well, making them false primes . Unlike the Fermat pseudoprimes, for which… …   Wikipedia

  • Euler pseudoprime — An odd composite integer n is called an Euler pseudoprime to base a , if a and n are coprime, and : a^{(n 1)/2} equiv pm 1pmod{n}(where mod refers to the modulo operation).The motivation for this definition is the fact that all prime numbers p… …   Wikipedia

  • Euler-Jacobi pseudoprime — In number theory, an odd composite integer n is called an Euler Jacobi pseudoprime to base a , if a and n are coprime, and : a ( n − 1)/2 = ( a / n ) (mod n ), where ( a / n ) is the Jacobi symbol.The motivation for this definition is the fact… …   Wikipedia

  • Strong Frobenius pseudoprime — A strong Frobenius pseudoprime is a pseudoprime which obeys an additional restriction beyond that required for a Frobenius pseudoprime.External links*MathWorld|title=Strong Frobenius pseudoprime|urlname=StrongFrobeniusPseudoprime …   Wikipedia

  • Frobenius pseudoprime — In number theory, a Frobenius pseudoprime is a composite number which passes a three step probable prime test set out by Jon Grantham in section 3 of his paper Frobenius pseudoprimes . [Jon Grantham. [… …   Wikipedia

  • Somer-Lucas pseudoprime — In mathematics, in particular number theory, an odd composite number N is a Somer Lucas d pseudoprime (with given dle 1) if there exists a nondegenerate Lucas sequence :U(P,Q) with :U 0=0, U 1=1, D=P^2 4Q, such that :(N,D)=1 and the rank… …   Wikipedia

  • Probable prime — In number theory, a probable prime (PRP) is an integer that satisfies a specific condition also satisfied by all prime numbers. Different types of probable primes have different specific conditions. While there may be probable primes that are… …   Wikipedia

  • Псевдопростое число — Натуральное число называется псевдопростым, если оно обладает некоторыми свойствами простых чисел, являясь тем не менее составным числом. В зависимости от рассматриваемых свойств существует несколько различных типов псевдопростых чисел.… …   Википедия

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