1. adjective /ˈhɔː.tə.təɹ.i,ˈhɔɹ.tə.tɔɹ.i/
Giving exhortation or advice; encouraging; exhortatory; inciting.

Not in a curse but in a hortatory appeal.

2. noun /ˈhɔː.tə.təɹ.i,ˈhɔɹ.tə.tɔɹ.i/
a) Exhortation or advice; incitement; encouragement.

I did not know enough of the Book to understand his hortatory but it seemed to please Miz Ann, who thanked him for his blessings, said she did not require his other services, and that he had paid for his meal with his message.

b) That which exhorts, incites, or encourages.

For here as in other points the development of the theory of Ethics would seem to be somewhat impeded by the preponderance of practical considerations; and perhaps a more complete detachment of the theoretical study of right conduct from its practical application is to be desired for the sake even of the latter itself: since a treatment which is a compound between the scientific and the hortatory is apt to miss both the results that it would combine; the mixture is bewildering to the brain and not stimulating to the heart.

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