magnesium silicate

magnesium silicate
The salt MgSiO that occurs naturally as talc, asbestine, gymnite, meerschaum and, combined with other salts, as many other minerals

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  • magnesium silicate — Chem. 1. a white powder, 3MgSiO3·5H2O, with variable hydration, insoluble in water or alcohol, used as a rubber filler, a bleaching agent, an odor absorbent, and in the manufacture of paints and resins. 2. any silicate containing magnesium, as… …   Universalium

  • magnesium silicate — noun : any of various silicates of magnesium: as a. : a tetrasilicate Mg3Si4O10(OH)2 found in nature as talc from which it is obtained usually in fibrous or micaceous forms for use chiefly as a filler or extender (as in paints) b. : a trisilicate …   Useful english dictionary

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