at this point in time

at this point in time

While we are not able to assist you at this point in time, we will be sure to call you if an opportunity arises.

Syn: at present, at the moment, at this moment, currently, now, presently, right now

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  • at this point in time — now, at this time    At this point in time, ten cases of AIDS have been reported …   English idioms

  • point in time — This currently popular expression has become a cliché because of its widespread Use on television and radio programs. No excuse for it exists: it is both wordy and jargonish. At this point in time means now or at this time. See also period of… …   Dictionary of problem words and expressions

  • Point-in-time recovery — in the context of computers is a system whereby a set of data or a particular setting can be restored or recovered from a time in the past. An example of this is Windows XP s feature of being able to restore operating system settings from a past… …   Wikipedia

  • point in time — The expression at this point (or moment) in time, meaning ‘currently, now’, is a modern cliché that is more often heard in speech, or in reported speech, than seen in print. See clichés …   Modern English usage

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  • point — 1 /pOInt/ noun 1 IDEA (C) a single fact, idea, or opinion that is part of an argument or discussion: There was one point on which everyone agreed. | She had brought a list of points for discussion. | One important point must be borne in mind. |… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • Point — The smallest unit of price change quoted or, one one hundredth of a percent. Related: minimum price fluctuation and tick. The New York Times Financial Glossary * * * ▪ I. point point 1 [pɔɪnt] noun [countable] 1. a single idea, opinion, or fact,… …   Financial and business terms

  • point — See minimum price fluctuation. The CENTER ONLINE Futures Glossary See basis point. American Banker Glossary The smallest unit of price change quoted, or one one hundredth of a percent. Related: minimum price fluctuation and tick. Bloomberg… …   Financial and business terms