A manifold with both bosonic and fermionic coordinates, used in mathematical models.

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  • Supermanifold — In physics and mathematics, supermanifolds are generalizations of the manifold concept based on ideas coming from supersymmetry. Several definitions are in use, some of which are described below. Physics In physics, a supermanifold is a manifold… …   Wikipedia

  • Poisson supermanifold — In differential geometry a Poisson supermanifold is a differential supermanifold M such that the supercommutative algebra of smooth functions over it (to clarify this: M is not a point set space and so, doesn t really exist, and really, this… …   Wikipedia

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  • Superspace — has had two meanings in physics. The word was first used by John Wheeler to describe the configuration space of general relativity; for example, this usage may be seen in his famous 1973 textbook Gravitation .The second meaning refers to the… …   Wikipedia

  • Topological string theory — In theoretical physics, topological string theory is a simplified version of string theory. The operators in topological string theory represent the algebra of operators in the full string theory that preserve a certain amount of supersymmetry.… …   Wikipedia

  • Supergroup (physics) — The concept of supergroup is a generalization of that of group. In other words, every group is a supergroup but not every supergroup is a group.First, let us define a Hopf superalgebra. A Hopf algebra can be defined category theoretically as an… …   Wikipedia

  • Supergravity — In theoretical physics, supergravity (supergravity theory) is a field theory that combines the principles of supersymmetry and general relativity. Together, these imply that, in supergravity, the supersymmetry is a local symmetry (in contrast to… …   Wikipedia

  • Superalgebra — In mathematics and theoretical physics, a superalgebra is a Z2 graded algebra. That is, it is an algebra over a commutative ring or field with a decomposition into even and odd pieces and a multiplication operator that respects the grading.The… …   Wikipedia

  • Canonical quantization — In physics, canonical quantization is one of many procedures for quantizing a classical theory. Historically, this was the earliest method to be used to build quantum mechanics. When applied to a classical field theory it is also called second… …   Wikipedia

  • Poisson superalgebra — In mathematics, a Poisson superalgebra is a Z2 graded generalization of a Poisson algebra. Specifically, a Poisson superalgebra is an (associative) superalgebra A with a Lie superbracket: [cdot,cdot] : Aotimes A o Asuch that ( A , [ middot;,… …   Wikipedia

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