1. adverb /wɛl/
a) Accurately, competently.

He does his job well.

b) Completely, fully.

A well done steak.

2. adjective /wɛl/
a) In good health.

I had been sick, but now Im well.

b) Prudent; good; well-advised.

On leaving the operating table it is well to put the patient in a bed previously warmed and supplied with hot cans.

3. interjection /wɛl/
a) Used to acknowledge a statement or situation (short form for "that is well").

A: The car is broken.

b) An exclamation of surprise, often doubled or tripled.

B: Well, we could walk to the movies instead.

4. noun /wɛl/
a) A hole sunk into the ground as a source of water, oil, natural gas or other fluids.

Theyre having a special tonight: $1 wells.

b) A place where a liquid such as water surfaces naturally, a spring.
5. verb /wɛl/
a) To seep out of the surface.

Blood welled from the wound.

b) To have something seep out of the surface.

Her eyes welled with tears.

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