pentadienoic acid

pentadienoic acid

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  • pentadienoic — adjective Of or pertaining to pentadienoic acid or its derivatives …   Wiktionary

  • Knoevenagel condensation — The Knoevenagel condensation reaction is an organic reaction named after Emil Knoevenagel. It is a modification of the Aldol condensation[1][2]. A Knoevenagel condensation is a nucleophilic addition of an active hydrogen compound to a carbonyl… …   Wikipedia

  • pentadienoate — noun Any salt or ester of pentadienoic acid …   Wiktionary

  • Curtius rearrangement — The Curtius rearrangement (or Curtius reaction or Curtius degradation), as first defined by Theodor Curtius, is a chemical reaction that involves the rearrangement of an acyl azide to an isocyanate.[1][2] Several reviews have been… …   Wikipedia