Any cyclomer (cyclic polymer) formed from three monomers

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  • cyclomer — noun a) Any compound formed from another by formation of a ring, usually by linking two radicals b) Any cyclic polymer See Also: cyclomerize, cyclomerized, cyclomerization, cyclodimer, cyclotrimer …   Wiktionary

  • cyclotrimerize — verb To convert into a cyclotrimer …   Wiktionary

  • cyclotrimerized — adjective Converted into a cyclotrimer …   Wiktionary

  • Trimerisation — Tri|me|ri|sa|ti|on [↑ Tri (2) u. ↑ merisation] die Vereinigung dreier identischer Moleküle (Monomere) zu einer acycl. oder cycl. Verb. (Trimer, Cyclotrimer) mit dreifachem MG, z. B. die formale T. von Isopren zu Sesquiterpenen oder von 3 Propylen …   Universal-Lexikon

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