1. verb
To react with an amino group of a protein
2. noun
The product of such a reaction

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  • glycate — The product of the nonenzymic reaction between a sugar and the free amino group(s) of proteins in which it is not known if the sugar is attached by a glycosyl or a glycoside linkage, or has formed a Schiff base. * * * gly·cate (gliґkāt) the… …   Medical dictionary

  • Polyol pathway — Also called the sorbitol aldose reductase pathway, the polyol pathway appears to be implicated in diabetic complications, especially in microvascular damage to the retina, kidney and nerves. The Pathway Cells use glucose for energy, though unused …   Wikipedia

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  • glycation — The nonenzymic reaction that forms a glycate. * * * n. the chemical linkage of glucose to a protein, to form a glycoprotein. Glycation of body proteins has been postulated as a cause of complications of diabetes mellitus. See advanced… …   Medical dictionary

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