Any of a group of related doctrines holding that knowledge or justified belief must be the result of a reliable process
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  • reliabilism — The view in epistemology that follows the suggestion that a subject may know a proposition p if (i) p is true; (ii) the subject believes p ; and (iii) the belief that p is the result of some reliable process of belief formation. The third clause… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • Reliabilism — in epistemology, the claim that the status of a belief as knowledge should be judged by whether it was arrived upon through a reliable method. For instance, scientific experiment may be considered a more reliable method than intuition or… …   Mini philosophy glossary

  • Epistemology — (from Greek επιστήμη episteme , knowledge + λόγος , logos ) or theory of knowledge is a branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and scope (limitations) of knowledge. [Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Volume 3, 1967, Macmillan, Inc.] The term… …   Wikipedia

  • Evidentialism — is a theory of justification according to which whether a belief is justified depends solely on what a person s evidence is. Technically, though belief is typically the primary object of concern, evidentialism can be applied to doxastic attitudes …   Wikipedia

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