Of or pertaining to cohomology.

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  • cohomological — adjective see cohomology …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Cohomological dimension — In abstract algebra, cohomological dimension is an invariant which measures the homological complexity of representations of a group. It has important applications in geometric group theory, topology, and algebraic number theory. Contents 1… …   Wikipedia

  • Secondary calculus and cohomological physics — In mathematics, secondary calculus is a proposed expansion of classical differential calculus on manifolds, to the space of solutions of a (nonlinear) partial differential equation. It is a sophisticated theory at the level of jet spaces and… …   Wikipedia

  • Delta-functor — In homological algebra, a δ functor between two abelian categories A and B is a collection of functors from A to B together with a collection of morphisms that satisfy properties generalising those of derived functors. A universal δ functor is a… …   Wikipedia

  • Triangulated category — A triangulated category is a mathematical category satisfying some axioms that are based on the properties of the homotopy category of spectra, and the derived category of an abelian category. A t category is a triangulated category with a t… …   Wikipedia

  • Chow ring — In algebraic geometry, the Chow ring (named after W. L. Chow) of an algebraic variety is an algebraic geometric analogue of the cohomology ring of the variety considered as a topological space: its elements are formed out of actual subvarieties… …   Wikipedia

  • Artin reciprocity law — The Artin reciprocity law, established by Emil Artin in a series of papers (1924; 1927; 1930), is a general theorem in number theory that forms a central part of the global class field theory.[1] The term reciprocity law refers to a long line of… …   Wikipedia

  • Tate cohomology group — In mathematics, Tate cohomology groups are a slightly modified form of the usual cohomology groups of a finite group that combine homology and cohomology groups into one sequence. They were invented by John Tate, and are used in class field… …   Wikipedia

  • Markus Rost — is a German mathematician who works at the intersection of topology and algebra. He was an invited speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians in 2002 in Beijing, China. He is a professor at the University of Bielefeld. He is known… …   Wikipedia

  • Eilenberg-Ganea conjecture — The Eilenberg Ganea conjecture is a claim in algebraic topology. It was formulated by Samuel Eilenberg and Tudor Ganea in 1957, in a short, but influential paper. It states that if a group G has cohomological dimension 2, then it has a 2… …   Wikipedia

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