a) Half-blind, partially blind
b) Dim-sighted

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  • sandblind — (adj.) half blind, c.1400, probably altered (by influence of sand) from O.E. *samblind, the first element from W.Gmc. *sami , from PIE *semi (see semi ); Cf. O.E. samlæred half taught, badly instructed, samstorfen half dead …   Etymology dictionary

  • sandblind — adj. having poor eyesight, having diminished capacity to see …   English contemporary dictionary

  • hemi- — prefix meaning half, from Gk. hemi half, from PIE root *semi , which is the source of Skt. sami, L. semi (see SEMI (Cf. semi )), O.H.G. sami half, and O.E. sam , denoting a partial or imperfect condition (see SANDBLIND (Cf …   Etymology dictionary

  • semi- — from L. semi half, from PIE *semi (Cf. Skt. sami half, Gk. hemi half, O.E. sam , Goth. sami half ). O.E. cognate sam was used in such compounds as samhal poor health, lit. half whole; samsoden …   Etymology dictionary

  • Folk etymology — This article is about a technical term in linguistics. For incorrect popular etymologies, see false etymology. Folk etymology is change in a word or phrase over time resulting from the replacement of an unfamiliar form by a more familiar… …   Wikipedia

  • Box of Silk and Dogs — Infobox Album Name = Box of Silk And Dogs Type = box Artist = Muslimgauze Released = 1999 July 07 Recorded = Genre = Length = Label = Staalplaat MUSLIMLIM 013 Producer = Reviews = Last album = Hand of Fatima (1999) This album = Box of Silk and… …   Wikipedia

  • bisson — adjective /ˈbɪsin/ a) sandblind, purblind b) blinding …   Wiktionary

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