third dimension

third dimension
the quality, of depth or thickness, that differentiates a solid object from a two-dimensional image of it

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  • third dimension — n. 1. a) the dimension of depth in something as distinguished from the two dimensions of any of its flat surfaces b) the quality of having, or of seeming to have, such depth, or solidity 2. the quality of being true to life or of seeming real or… …   English World dictionary

  • third dimension — noun the dimension whereby a solid object differs from a two dimensional drawing of it • Hypernyms: ↑dimension * * * noun 1. : thickness or depth especially when it is the quality that confers solidity on an object the image on the paper seems to …   Useful english dictionary

  • third dimension — noun Date: 1846 1. thickness, depth; also a dimension that adds the effect of solidity to a two dimensional system 2. a quality that confers reality or lifelikeness < night sounds that stick in the mind and give a third dimension to the memory… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • third dimension — 1. the additional dimension by which a solid object is distinguished from a planar projection of itself or from any planar object. 2. something that heightens the reality, vividness, or significance of a factual account, sequence of happenings,… …   Universalium

  • third dimension — third′ dimen′sion n. 1) phs the additional dimension by which a solid object is distinguished from a planar object; depth 2) an aspect that heightens the reality or vividness of something • Etymology: 1855–60 …   From formal English to slang

  • third dimension — /θɜd dəˈmɛnʃən/ (say therd duh menshuhn) noun the dimension of thickness or depth in solid objects …   Australian English dictionary

  • Marvin the Martian in the Third Dimension — Drayton Manor Opening date 19 March 2011 ( …   Wikipedia

  • Chuck Versus the Third Dimension — Chuck episode Episode no. Season 2 Episode 12 Directed by Robert Duncan McNeill …   Wikipedia

  • Dimension — 0d redirects here. For 0D, see 0d (disambiguation). For other uses, see Dimension (disambiguation). From left to right, the square, the cube, and the tesseract. The square is bounded by 1 dimensional lines, the cube by 2 dimensional areas, and… …   Wikipedia

  • dimension — n. importance 1) to assume, take on a dimension (the issue assumed serious dimensions) 2) (misc.) a problem of international dimensions measurement (can be fig.) 3) a third dimension 4) in a dimension (in two dimensions) * * * [d(a)ɪ menʃ(ə)n]… …   Combinatory dictionary

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