1. verb /sprɪŋ/
a) To start to exist.

Sometimes the ideas spring to life fully formed.

b) To jump or leap.

He sprang up from his seat.

Syn: bound, jump, leap, free, let out, release, spring loose
See Also: sprang, springwort, sprung, to-spring, unspring
2. noun /sprɪŋ/
a) Traditionally the first of the four seasons of the year in temperate regions, in which plants spring from the ground and trees come into blossom, following winter and preceding summer.

... discover, at least in some degree, the secret springs and principles, by which the human mind is actuated in its operations?

b) Meteorologically, the months of March, April and May in the northern hemisphere (or September, October and November in the southern).
See Also: aspring, atspring, bespring, espringal, rumspringa, springal, springald, springboc, springbock, springbok, springe, spring-haas, springhaas, springhalt, springle

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