Lorentz symmetry
the invariance of the laws of physics under the Lorentz transformation

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  • Lorentz covariance — In standard physics, Lorentz covariance is a key property of spacetime that follows from the special theory of relativity, where it applies globally. Local Lorentz covariance refers to Lorentz covariance applying only locally in an infinitesimal… …   Wikipedia

  • Symmetry in physics — refers to features of a physical system that exhibit the property of symmetry that is, under certain transformations, aspects of these systems are unchanged , according to a particular observation. A symmetry of a physical system is a physical or …   Wikipedia

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  • Lorentz transformation — A visualisation of the Lorentz transformation (full animation). Only one space coordinate is considered. The thin solid lines crossing at right angles depict the time and distance coordinates of an observer at rest with respect to that frame; the …   Wikipedia

  • CPT symmetry — CPT theorem redirects here. For the album by Greydon Square, see The C.P.T. Theorem (album). CPT symmetry is a fundamental symmetry of physical laws under transformations that involve the inversions of charge, parity, and time simultaneously.… …   Wikipedia

  • Modern searches for Lorentz violation — Important motivations for modern searches for Lorentz violation are deviations from Lorentz invariance (and thus special relativity) predicted by some variations of quantum gravity, string theory, and some alternatives to general relativity.… …   Wikipedia

  • Local Lorentz covariance — A local Lorentz covariance or local Lorentz symmetry is a local symmetry of space time which reduces locally (i.e. as the region of space time under consideration shrinks) to a Lorentz symmetry. Any theory which exhibts a local lorentz symmetry… …   Wikipedia

  • Global Lorentz covariance — A global Lorentz covariance or global Lorentz symmetry is a global symmetry and a Lorentz symmetry of space time. Any theory which exhibts a global Lorentz symmetry is said to be globally Lorentzian . Special relativity is globally Lorentzian …   Wikipedia

  • Covariancia de Lorentz — La covariancia de Lorentz (y análogamente la contravariancia de Lorentz) o principio especial de la relatividad se refiere a la propiedad de ciertas ecuaciones físicas de no cambiar de forma bajo cambios de coordenadas de un tipo particular,… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Rotational symmetry — Generally speaking, an object with rotational symmetry is an object that looks the same after a certain amount of rotation. An object may have more than one rotational symmetry; for instance, if reflections or turning it over are not counted, the …   Wikipedia

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