The act, process, or result of rhotacizing.

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  • rhotacization — rhōtacizāˈtion or rhōtacisāˈtion noun • • • Main Entry: ↑rhotacize …   Useful english dictionary

  • rhotacize — rhotacization, n. /roh teuh suyz /, v., rhotacized, rhotacizing. v.t. 1. to change (a sound) to an /r/; subject to rhotacism. 2. to pronounce (a vowel) with r color. v.i. 3. to undergo rhotacism. Also, esp. Brit., rhotacise. [1960 65; RHOTAC(ISM) …   Universalium

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  • Rhoticism — is a word occasionally encountered when one of the following is intended:*Rhotacism, difficulty in pronouncing the /r/ sound *Rhotacization, the articulation used to produce an r colored vowel *Rhoticity, the property that distinguishes rhotic… …   Wikipedia

  • Brujería — For the band, see Brujeria (band). Bruja is the Spanish word for witch. Brujeria also refers to a mystical sect of male witches in the southermost part of Argentina.Both men and women can be witches, brujos and brujas respectively. Brujos is the… …   Wikipedia

  • Valesius — is a Latinization of the Sabine name Volusus. Prior to the foundation of the Roman Republic, the intervocal s underwent rhotacization, producing Valerius, one of the more prominent gentes in Rome. Valesius may refer to:* Valesius was the founder… …   Wikipedia

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