That can be masked (disabled).

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  • maskable — See mask. * * * …   Universalium

  • maskable — mæskÉ™bl / mɑːs adj. may be hidden, may be concealed; may be disguised or camouflaged; may be protected by covering …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Non-maskable interrupt — A non maskable interrupt (NMI) is a computer processor interrupt that cannot be ignored by standard interrupt masking techniques in the system. It is typically used to signal attention for non recoverable hardware errors. (Some NMIs may be masked …   Wikipedia

  • non-maskable interrupts — noun Special interrupts used to indicate the detection of a hardware failure …   Wiktionary

  • non-maskable interrupt — noun A hardware level interrupt that cannot be masked by software, such as a memory parity error …   Wiktionary

  • Interrupt — This article is about computer interrupts. For the study of the effect of disruptions on job performance, see Interruption science. In computing, an interrupt is an asynchronous signal indicating the need for attention or a synchronous event in… …   Wikipedia

  • IF (x86 flag) — IF (Interrupt Flag) is a system flag bit in the x86 architecture s FLAGS register, which determines whether or not the CPU will handle maskable hardware interrupts.cite web |url=|forma… …   Wikipedia

  • MOS Technology 6502 — The MOS Technology 6502 is an 8 bit microprocessor that was designed by Chuck Peddle for MOS Technology in 1975. When it was introduced, it was the least expensive full featured CPU on the market by a considerable margin, costing less than one… …   Wikipedia

  • Immunity Aware Programming — When writing firmware for an embedded system, immunity aware programming is a set of programming techniques used in an attempt to tolerate transient errors in the program counter or other that would otherwise lead to failure.Immunity aware… …   Wikipedia

  • Sinclair ZX81 — Infobox computer Photo = Type = Home computer Released = 1981 Discontinued = 1984 [cite book |last=Forster |first=Winnie |authorlink=Winnie Forster |title=The encyclopedia of consoles, handhelds home computers 1972 2005 |year=2005… …   Wikipedia

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