Lots of; much.

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  • loadsa- — /lōd zə / (slang) combining form Representing loads of, chiefly in (and originating as a back formation from) loadˈsamoney, (a person loaded with) wealth accumulated as a result of the economic boom of the 1980s ORIGIN: Loadsamoney, grotesque… …   Useful english dictionary

  • loadsa — UK [ˈləʊdzə] US [ˈloʊdzə] adjective british informal a way of writing ‘loads of’, meaning ‘a lot of’ Thesaurus: large quantities or amountssynonym large amounts or quantities of a specific kindhyponym …   Useful english dictionary

  • loadsa — adjective spoken a lot of: He gets to shoot loadsa bad guys and snog the girlies …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • loadsa — loads|a [ loudzə ] adjective BRITISH INFORMAL a way of writing loads of, meaning a lot of …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • loadsa — UK [ˈləʊdzə] / US [ˈloʊdzə] adjective British informal a way of writing loads of , meaning a lot of …   English dictionary

  • loadsamoney — n British (someone flaunting) excessive wealth; vulgar, conspicuous consumption. The eponymous comedy character Loadsa money, created by Harry Enfield in 1987, was based on observation of a specific social group. This group com prises bumptious… …   Contemporary slang

  • MarHedge — is a semi monthly financial newsletter. It was first circulated in 1994,[1] originally under the name HEDGE.[2] The journal has also gone by the name Managed Account Reports LLC.[3] After leaving the magazine, former managing editor Michael… …   Wikipedia

  • choredy — Cumbrian Dictionary ( n chordy) Stolem items. e.g. He s got loadsa choredy in his dad s shed = He has a considerable amount of stolen goods in his father s wooden outbuilding …   English dialects glossary

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