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  • Small shelly fauna — The small shelly fauna or small shelly fossils, abbreviated to SSF, are mineralized fossils, many only a few millimetres long, with a nearly continuous record from the latest stages of the Ediacaran to the end of the Early Cambrian period. They… …   Wikipedia

  • Arthropod — Temporal range: 540–0 Ma …   Wikipedia

  • Lagerstätte — The title of this article contains the character ä. Where it is unavailable or not desired, the name may be represented as Lagerstaette. Fossil fish from the Green River Formation, an Eocene Lagerstätte A Lagerstätte …   Wikipedia

  • Microbial mat — A microbial mat is a multi layered sheet of micro organisms, mainly bacteria and archaea. Microbial mats grow at interfaces between different types of material, mostly on submerged or moist surfaces but a few survive in deserts.[1] They colonize… …   Wikipedia

  • Insect — For the Breed 77 album, see Insects (album). Insect Temporal range: 396–0 Ma …   Wikipedia

  • Sponge — This article is about the aquatic animal. For the porous cleaning tool, see Sponge (material). For other uses, see Sponge (disambiguation). Sponge Temporal range: Ediacaran–Recent …   Wikipedia

  • Chiton — This article is about the mollusc. For the ancient Greek article of dress, see Chiton (costume). Chiton Temporal range: Devonian–Recent[1][2] …   Wikipedia

  • Emu Bay shale — infobox Rockunit caption = North Coast of Kangaroo Island, Emu Bay © David Simpson type = Geological formation prilithology = Shale otherlithology = namedfor = namedby = region = The north coast of Kangaroo Island, around Emu Bay and Cape D… …   Wikipedia

  • Wenlock Series lagerstätte — The Silurian lagerstätte preserved in the limestone Wenlock Series of Herefordshire, England, offers paleontologists a rare snapshot of a moment in time, about 420 Mya. In the formation, layers of fine grained volcanic ash punctuate a sequence of …   Wikipedia

  • Namapoikia — Temporal range: 549 million years ago (Terminal Ediacaran) Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phy …   Wikipedia

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