A physicist whose speciality is radiophysics

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  • Radio astronomy — is a subfield of astronomy that studies celestial objects at radio frequencies. The field originated from the discovery that many astronomical objects emit radiation in the radio wavelengths as well as optical ones. The great advances in radio… …   Wikipedia

  • Plymouth College — Motto Dat Deus Incrementum Established 1877 Type Independent school Boarding school …   Wikipedia

  • Joseph Lade Pawsey — (May 14, 1908 ndash;November 30, 1962) was an Australian born engineer, radiophysicist, and radio astronomer.He was born in Ararat, Victoria to a family of farmers. At the age of 14 he was awarded a government scholarship to study at Wesley… …   Wikipedia

  • Vvedensky (surname) — Vvedensky may refer to one of the following persons: *Alexander Vvedensky (poet) (1904–1941) *Alexander Vvedensky (philosopher) (1856–1925), *Alexander Vvedensky (religious leader) (1888–1946) *Arseni Vvedensky (1844–1909), literary critic,… …   Wikipedia

  • Pawsey — /ˈpɔzi/ (say pawzee) noun Joseph Lade, 1908–62, Australian radio astronomer and radiophysicist …   Australian English dictionary

  • radiophysics — /reɪdioʊˈfɪzɪks/ (say raydeeoh fiziks) noun the branch of physics concerned with the study of radiation. –radiophysical, adjective –radiophysicist, noun …   Australian English dictionary

  • White — /waɪt/ (say wuyt) noun 1. Sir (Cyril) Brudenell Bingham, 1876–1940, Australian soldier; became Chief of the General Staff during World War I. 2. Cyril Tenison, 1890–1950, Australian botanist. 3. Sir Frederick William George, 1905–94, Australian… …   Australian English dictionary

  • Wild — /waɪld/ (say wuyld) noun 1. John Paul, 1923–2008, Australian radiophysicist, born in England. 2. Joseph, 1759–1847, Australian convict, pioneer settler and explorer, born in the United Kingdom …   Australian English dictionary

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