Any of several isomeric forms of a synthetic porphyrin that has a methyl and an ethyl group on each pyrrole ring

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  • etioporphyrin — A porphyrin derivative characterized by the presence on each of the four pyrrole rings of one methyl group and one ethyl group; four isomeric forms are thus possible. * * * etio·por·phy·rin or chiefly Brit ae·tio·por·phy·rin pȯr fə rən …   Medical dictionary

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  • porphyrin — SYN: porphin. * * * por·phy·rin pȯr fə rən n any of various compounds with a structure that consists essentially of four pyrrole rings joined by four =CH groups esp one (as chlorophyll or hemoglobin) containing a central metal atom and usu.… …   Medical dictionary

  • AET — absorption equivalent thickness; S (2 aminoethyl) isothiuronium * * * aet, aetat var of AE Each boldface word in the list below is a chiefly British variant of the word to its right in small capitals. aetiologic ETIOLOGIC aetiological ETIOLOGIC… …   Medical dictionary

  • aetioporphyrin — variant of etioporphyrin …   Useful english dictionary

  • phyllin — ˈfilə̇n noun ( s) Etymology: phyll + in : a complex magnesium derivative of a porphyrin or a phorbin the phyllin formed from etioporphyrin …   Useful english dictionary

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