The largest, and most energetic shell of a galactic disk

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  • Superbubble — is the astronomical term used to describe a cavity hundreds of light years across filled with 106 K gas blown into the interstellar medium by multiple supernovae and stellar winds. The solar system lies near the center of an old superbubble,… …   Wikipedia

  • Extinction (astronomy) — Extinction is a term used in astronomy to describe the absorption and scattering of electromagnetic radiation by matter (dust and gas) between an emitting astronomical object and the observer. Interstellar extinction also called Galactic… …   Wikipedia

  • ACS — may refer to:;Aviation and military * Air Cess, cargo airline based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates * Auxiliary Crane Ship, a vessel of the United States Navy * Aerial Common Sensor, a reconnaissance aircraft airframe for the United States Army… …   Wikipedia

  • Snickers (disambiguation) — Snickers is a peanut, caramel and chocolate based confectionery bar. Snickers may also refer to: * * Snickers (workwear) * Petrus Matthias Snickers, the Bishop of Utrecht * Snickers galaxy was the nickname for the Anticenter shell, a supershell… …   Wikipedia

  • Smith's Cloud — is a high velocity cloud of hydrogen gas located in the constellation Aquila at Galactic coordinates l = 39°, b = −13°. The cloud was discovered in 1963 by Gail Bieger, née Smith, who was an astronomy student at Leiden University in the… …   Wikipedia

  • Anticenter shell — The Anti center shell is the name of a region in space emitting 21 cm radiation near the anticenter of the Milky Way Galaxy in the constellation Auriga. It is located at RA|06|27 DEC| 15, or l = 197°, b = +2° in galactic coordinates. It is a… …   Wikipedia

  • Super shell — may refer to:* Super Shell, a Somalian football club * Supershell, a very large void in the interstellar medium * A weapon used in the game * A weapon used in the game U.N. Squadron * Super Shell Gasoline, a brand formerly marketed by Shell Oil… …   Wikipedia

  • NGC 5775 — Галактика …   Википедия

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