The surgical removal of the fundus of an organ, such as the uterus or the stomach.

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  • fundusectomy — Excision of the fundus of an organ. SYN: fundectomy. [L. fundus, + G. ektome, excision] * * * fun·du·sec·to·my (fun″də sekґtə me) [fundus + ectomy] excision of the fundus of an organ, as of the fundus of the stomach or uterus;… …   Medical dictionary

  • fundectomy — SYN: fundusectomy. [fundus + G. ektome, excision] * * * fun·dec·to·my .fən dek tə mē n, pl mies excision of a fundus (as of the uterus) * * * fun·dec·to·my (fun dekґtə me) fundusectomy …   Medical dictionary