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  • occlusometer — SYN: gnathodynamometer. * * * oc·clu·som·e·ter (ok″loo somґə tər) gnathodynamometer …   Medical dictionary

  • gnathodynamometer — A device for measuring biting pressure. SYN: bite gauge, occlusometer. [gnatho + dynamometer] * * * gnatho·dy·na·mom·e·ter (nath″o di″nə momґə tər) [gnatho + dynamometer] an instrument for measuring the force exerted in …   Medical dictionary

  • Gnathodynamometer — A gnathodynamometer (or occlusometer) is an instrument for measuring the force exerted in closing the mouth. A bimeter gnathodynamometer is one with an adjustable central bearing point. As per the inventor s design study, the instrument works… …   Wikipedia

  • gnathodynamometer — noun An instrument used to measure the force applied in closing the jaws. Syn: occlusometer See Also: gnathodynamics, gnathodynamometry …   Wiktionary

  • occlus- — combining form or occluso Etymology: probably from (assumed) New Latin occlus , from Latin occlusus, past participle of occludere to occlude 1. : occlusion occlusal occlusometer …   Useful english dictionary