To scan and translate (a Korean or Japanese) manga for free distribution on the Internet, especially in Western languages such as English, French, and Spanish.

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  • Сканлейт — м. скл. (от англ. scanlate, scanlation)  любительский перевод комиксов, чаще всего манги, на иностранный язык. Происходит от английского scanlate, которое является совмещением английских слов scanning (сканирование) и translating… …   Википедия

  • Scanlation — (also scanslation) is the scanning, translation, editing and distribution of comics from a foreign language into the language of the distributors. The term is most often used for Japanese (manga), Korean (manhwa), and Chinese (manhua) comics.… …   Wikipedia

  • scanlation — noun The process of scanning and translating foreign language comics (especially Japanese manga or Korean manhwa) into the translators language, for free distribution over the Internet. See Also: fansub, fan translation, scanlate, scanlator …   Wiktionary

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