prolative case

prolative case
a declension, in some languages, of a noun or pronoun that has the basic meaning of "by way of".
Syn: vialis case

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  • Prolative case — The prolative case (also vialis case) is a declension of a noun or pronoun that has the basic meaning of by way of .In the Finnish language, it has a highly restricted, almost fossilized meaning by (medium of transaction) . For example, postitse… …   Wikipedia

  • prosecutive case — noun A special form of the prolative case used to describe movement along a surface or way. They are not compared in the usual sense of the word, but the comparative and superlative are sometimes expressed by using the ablative or prosecutive… …   Wiktionary

  • Prosecutive case — The prosecutive case is a declension found in Tundra Nenets language and in Old Basque. This is a variant of the prolative case .It is used to describe movement using a surface or way. An example is the phrase by way of/through the house …   Wikipedia

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  • Accusative case — The accusative case (abbreviated acc) of a noun is the grammatical case used to mark the direct object of a transitive verb. The same case is used in many languages for the objects of (some or all) prepositions. It is a noun that is having… …   Wikipedia

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  • Nominative case — The nominative case (abbreviated nom) is one of the grammatical cases of a noun or other part of speech, which generally marks the subject of a verb or the predicate noun or predicate adjective, as opposed to its object or other verb arguments.… …   Wikipedia

  • Oblique case — An oblique case (abbreviated obl; Latin: casus generalis) in linguistics is a noun case of synthetic languages that is used generally when a noun is the object of a verb or a preposition. An oblique case can appear in any case relationship except …   Wikipedia

  • Comitative case — The comitative case (abbreviated com), also known as the associative case (abbreviated ass), is a grammatical case that denotes companionship, and is used where English would use in company with or together with [citation needed]. Among other… …   Wikipedia

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