The quality of having blood of a particular kind, as in warm-bloodedness, full-bloodedness.

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  • bloodedness — n. condition of having (warm, cold, etc.) blood …   English contemporary dictionary

  • cold-bloodedness — cold blooded ► ADJECTIVE 1) (of animals, e.g. reptiles and fish) having a body whose temperature varies with that of the environment. 2) without emotion; callous. DERIVATIVES cold bloodedly adverb cold bloodedness noun …   English terms dictionary

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  • cold-bloodedness — See cold bloodedly. * * * ▪ zoology also called  Poikilothermy, Ectothermy, or Heterothermy,         the state of having a variable body temperature that is usually only slightly higher than the environmental temperature. This state distinguishes …   Universalium

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  • warm-bloodedness — See warm blooded. * * * ▪ physiology also called  Homoiothermy,  also spelled  Homeothermy,         in animals, the ability to maintain a relatively constant internal temperature (about 37° C [99° F] for mammals, about 40° C [104° F] for birds),… …   Universalium

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