capsicum spray

capsicum spray
A pepper spray (aerosol mace), notably made with peppers from the genus Capsicum

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  • capsicum spray — /ˈkæpsəkəm spreɪ/ (say kapsuhkuhm spray) noun an aerosol spray of oleoresin derived from capsicum, which irritates the skin and eyes; used to disable an attacker. Also, OC spray, pepper spray …   Australian English dictionary

  • Pepper spray — This article is about the chemical compound. For agent used in riot control, see Pepper spray projectile. This article forms part of the series Chemical agents Lethal agents Blood agents Cyanogen chloride (CK) …   Wikipedia

  • OC spray — /oʊ ˈsi spreɪ/ (say oh see spray) noun → capsicum spray. {initials of oleoresin capsicum + spray1} …   Australian English dictionary

  • pepper spray — /ˈpɛpə spreɪ/ (say pepuh spray) noun → capsicum spray …   Australian English dictionary

  • Oleoresin capsicum — Demonstration des Einsatzes von Pfefferspray bei einem Sicherheitstraining Pfefferspray ist ein Reizstoff, der gegen Menschen und andere Säugetiere wirkt. Mit dem Begriff ist meist ein Sprühgerät mitsamt dem enthaltenem Wirkstoff Oleoresin… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Mace (spray) — Mace is a tear gas in the form of an aerosol spray which propels a lachrymatory agent mixed with a volatile solvent. It is sometimes used as a self defense device. This form of Mace is legal in very few countries, thus its use is becoming… …   Wikipedia

  • oleoresin capsicum — /ˌoʊlioʊrɛzən ˈkæpsəkəm/ (say .ohleeohrezuhn kapsuhkuhm) noun the pungent extract of the dried ripe fruits of the capsicum plant, used in pepper spray …   Australian English dictionary

  • pepper spray — noun Date: 1989 a temporarily disabling aerosol that is composed partly of capsicum oleoresin and causes irritation and blinding of the eyes and inflammation of the nose, throat, and skin …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • pepper spray — an aerosolized form of oleoresins from capsicum, highly irritant to the skin and mucous membranes; used similarly to tear gas …   Medical dictionary

  • Auxiliary Constable — Canadian Police Volunteers The Auxiliary Constable performs a similar role to their UK counterpart in the Special Constabulary.Provincial Auxiliary ProgramsRoyal Canadian Mounted Police AuxiliaryThe RCMP started its Auxiliary programme in 1963 to …   Wikipedia

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