A local faith healer, or even witch doctor.

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  • Albularyo — (/ar boo lar yô/) is a Tagalog term for a folk healer or medicine men. Sometimes spelled albulario .Etymology and Alternative NamesThe word arbularyo derives from herbolario , a Spanish word meaning herbalist.Alternative Tagalog names include… …   Wikipedia

  • Nuno — For the Portuguese name see Nuno (given name) Nuno Title Nuno sa Punso Description Goblin of the anthill Gender Male Region Philippines …   Wikipedia

  • Kulam — Title Mangkukulam Description Warlock/witch Gender Male/female Region Philippines Equivalent …   Wikipedia

  • Nuno sa Punso — Infobox Philippine mythology title = Nuno sa Punso description = Goblin of the anthill gender = Male region = Philippines equivalent = A Nuno or Nuno sa Punso is a dwarf like creature in Philippine mythology. It is believed to live in an anthill… …   Wikipedia

  • Mananambal — Title Mananambal Description Folk healer, Medicine man, Sorcerer, Witch Gender Male / female Region Philippines …   Wikipedia

  • Barang (Cebuano term) — For the Khmer term, see Barang (Khmer word). Barang (Cebuano term) Title Mambabarang Description Warlock / witch Gender Male / female Region Ph …   Wikipedia

  • Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko — Komiks Presents: Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko Format Drama Fantasy Romance Action Horror Comedy Created by …   Wikipedia

  • Barang (Philippine mythology) — For the Khmer term, see Barang (Khmer word). Infobox Philippine mythology title = Mambabarang description = Warlock / witch gender = Male / female region = Philippines equivalent = Shaman, MangkukulamBarang is a Cebuano term taken to mean all… …   Wikipedia

  • Doctor (title) — Dr. redirects here. For other uses, see DR (disambiguation). Doctor, as a title, originates from the Latin word of the same spelling and meaning.[1] The word is originally an agentive noun of the Latin verb docēre (Latin pronunciation: [dɔk… …   Wikipedia

  • Philippines — Philippine redirects here. For a town in the Netherlands, see Philippine, Netherlands. Republic of the Philippines Republika ng Pilipinas …   Wikipedia

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