Having (or affecting) multiple lamellae

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  • multilamellar body — any of the osmiophilic, lipid rich, layered bodies found in the type II alveolar cells of the lung; called also cytosome …   Medical dictionary

  • cytosome — 1. The cell body exclusive of the nucleus. 2. Distinctive granule found in great alveolar (type II) cells of the lung that releases pulmonary surfactant on the alveolar surfaces. SYN: multilamellar body. [cyto + G. soma, body] …   Medical dictionary

  • Vesicle (biology) — A vesicle is a small bubble of liquid within a cell. A more formal definition in cell biology, would be that a vesicle is a relatively small, intracellular, membrane enclosed sac that stores or transports substances. Vesicles form naturally… …   Wikipedia

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  • Transfersome — is a term registered as a trademark by the German company IDEA AG, and used by it to refer to its proprietary drug delivery technology. The name means “carrying body”, and is derived from the Latin word transferre , meaning ‘to carry across’, and …   Wikipedia

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