With a shrieking sound.

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  • shriekingly — adverb : with a shriek shriekingly the timber cracks George Meredith * * * shriekˈingly adverb • • • Main Entry: ↑shriek …   Useful english dictionary

  • shriekingly — shriek·ing·ly …   English syllables

  • shriek — shrieker, n. shriekingly, adv. shrieky, adj. /shreek/, n. 1. a loud, sharp, shrill cry. 2. a loud, high sound of laughter. 3. any loud, shrill sound, as of a whistle. v.i. 4. to utter a loud, sharp, shrill cry, as birds. 5. to cry out sharply in… …   Universalium

  • shriek — verb utter a high pitched piercing sound, cry, or words. noun 1》 a high pitched piercing cry or sound. 2》 informal an exclamation mark. Derivatives shrieker noun shrieking adjective shriekingly adverb Origin C15: imitative; cf. screech …   English new terms dictionary

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