crisp bread

crisp bread
A type of hard, flat rye bread eaten in the Nordic countries.

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  • Crisp bread — Some wafers of crisp bread Crisp bread or hard bread[1] (Swedish: knäckebröd, hårt bröd, hårdbröd, spisbröd, Danish: knækbrød, Norwegian: knekkebrød, Finnish: näkkileipä, hapankorppu, Icelandic …   Wikipedia

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  • bread stick — /ˈbrɛd stɪk/ (say bred stik) noun 1. a pencil shaped roll of bread dough baked until hard and crisp; grissini. 2. → French bread …   Australian English dictionary

  • bread-stick — noun a crisp stick shaped roll; often served with soup • Syn: ↑breadstick • Hypernyms: ↑bread, ↑breadstuff, ↑staff of life • Hyponyms: ↑grissino …   Useful english dictionary

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