Excessive or meaningless talk.

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  • Jibber Jabber — was a doll made by the toy company Ertl in the mid 1990 s. The distinguishing property of the Jibber Jabber was the distinct choking or strangling sound made by the wobbling head when shaken. While the sound was intended to be humorous, a growing …   Wikipedia

  • jibber-jabber — (v.) 1728, to talk gibberish, reduplication of JABBER (Cf. jabber) (q.v.). As a noun, from 1813 …   Etymology dictionary

  • jibber jabber —   Hiohio, ā, pakakē; pīpīnoke (rare) …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • jabber — Synonyms and related words: Greek, absurdity, amphigory, babble, babblement, balderdash, bavardage, bibble babble, blab, blabber, blah blah, blather, blether, blethers, blubber, bombast, bull, bullshit, cackle, caquet, caqueterie, chat, chatter,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • The Dead (Higson novel) — The Dead (The Enemy 2)   Author(s) Charlie Higson …   Wikipedia

  • higgledy-piggledy — confusedly, hurriedly, 1590s, a vocal gesture [OED] probably formed from PIG (Cf. pig) and the animal s suggestions of mess and disorder. Reduplications in the h /p pattern are common (e.g. hanky panky, hocus pocus, hinch(y) pinch(y), an obsolete …   Etymology dictionary

  • CB slang — (commonly called CB Talk ) are terms that those operating CB radio used mainly during the CB craze of the 1970s and 1980s. Some of these slang terms are still in use with their original meanings, others not used at all and some have changed… …   Wikipedia

  • patter — I v 1. tiptoe, walk lightly; scurry, scuttle, trip along, skip, hie. 2. tap, pitter patter, drum, pound, beat; thrum, palpitate, pulsate. 3. spatter, sprinkle, splash, plash; fleck, dapple, stipple. n 4. pitter patter, tapping, rat a tat,… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • Reduplication — in linguistics is a morphological process in which the root or stem of a word (or part of it) is repeated exactly or with a slight change. Reduplication is used in inflections to convey a grammatical function, such as plurality, intensification,… …   Wikipedia

  • The World Is the Home of Love and Death — The World Is the Home of Love and Death: Stories is a collection of short stories written by Harold Brodkey and first published posthumously in 1997. Most of the stories were written to be part of his novel The Runaway Soul and concern its… …   Wikipedia

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