The surgical division of a commissure or similar structure.

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  • Commissurotomy — A commissurotomy is a surgical incision of a commissure in the body, as one made in the heart at the edges of the commissure formed by cardiac valves, or one made in the brain to treat certain psychiatric disorders. Patients with scleroderma, a… …   Wikipedia

  • commissurotomy — /kom euh sheuh rot euh mee/, n., pl. commissurotomies. Surg. the incision of a band of commissures, esp. of mitral fibers, to correct mitral stenosis. Cf. valvulotomy. [COMMISSURE + O + TOMY] * * * …   Universalium

  • commissurotomy — 1. Surgical division of any commissure, fibrous band, or ring via an incision or disruption e.g., balloon inflation. 2. SYN: midline myelotomy. mitral c. opening the narrowed …   Medical dictionary

  • commissurotomy — com·mis·sur·ot·o·my …   English syllables

  • commissurotomy — ˌkäməˌshu̇ˈräd.əmē, shəˈr noun ( es) Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary commissure + o + tomy : the operation of cutting through a band of muscle or nerve fibers; specifically : separation of the flaps of a mitral valve by cutting or… …   Useful english dictionary

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