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  • satumomab — sa·tu·mo·mab (sə tooґmo mab) a monoclonal antibody specific to colorectal and ovarian adenocarcinomas; see indium In 111 satumomab pendetide …   Medical dictionary

  • Satumomab pendetide — drugbox type = mab source = Mouse target = CAS number = 144058 40 2 ATC prefix = ATC suffix = PubChem = DrugBank = chemical formula = molecular weight = bioavailability = protein bound = metabolism = elimination half life = excretion = pregnancy… …   Wikipedia

  • Indium (111In) satumomab pendetide — Indium (111In) satumomab pendetide? Monoclonal antibody Type Whole antibody Source Mouse Target TAG 72 Clinical data Pregnancy cat.  ? Legal status …   Wikipedia

  • indium In 111 satumomab pentetide — an 111In–labeled monoclonal antibody used as a diagnostic imaging agent to determine the location and extent of extrahepatic malignant lesions in patients with colorectal or ovarian cancer …   Medical dictionary

  • Radionuclide — A radionuclide is an atom with an unstable nucleus, which is a nucleus characterized by excess energy available to be imparted either to a newly created radiation particle within the nucleus or to an atomic electron. The radionuclide, in this… …   Wikipedia

  • Monoclonal antibodies — A general representation of the methods used to produce monoclonal antibodies. Monoclonal antibodies (mAb or moAb) are monospecific antibodies that are the same because they are made by identical immune cells that are all clones of a unique… …   Wikipedia

  • Nuclear medicine — Intervention ICD 10 PCS C ICD 9: 92 …   Wikipedia

  • Cetuximab — ? Monoclonal antibody Type Whole antibody Source Chimeric (mouse/human) Target EGF receptor Clinical data AHFS/ …   Wikipedia

  • Gemtuzumab ozogamicin — ? Monoclonal antibody Type Whole antibody Source Humanized (from mouse) Target CD33 Clinical data Trade names Mylotarg AHFS/ …   Wikipedia

  • Cobalt-60 — This article is about the nuclide Cobalt 60. For other uses, see Cobalt 60 (disambiguation). Cobalt 60 Full table General Name, symbol Cobalt 60,60Co Neutrons …   Wikipedia

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