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  • Time Weighted Average Price — TWAP is a trading acronym for Time Weighted Average Price. TWAP is the average price of contracts or shares over a specified time. TWAP is also sometimes used to describe a TWAP trading strategy, that is a strategy that will attempt to execute an …   Wikipedia

  • Time-Weighted Rate of Return — A measure of the compound rate of growth in a portfolio. Because this method eliminates the distorting effects created by inflows of new money, it is used to compare the returns of investment managers. This is also called the geometric mean… …   Investment dictionary

  • time weighted average spread — The average spread (calculated hourly) weighted by the length of time a spread applies. London Stock Exchange Glossary …   Financial and business terms

  • Time-weighted rate of return — Related: Geometric mean return. The New York Times Financial Glossary …   Financial and business terms

  • time-weighted rate of return — Related: geometric mean return …   Financial and business terms

  • Threshold Limit Value - Time Weighted Average — Saltar a navegación, búsqueda Threshold Limit Value Time Weighted Average (TLV TWA, Valor Límite Umbral Media Ponderada en el Tiempo). Valor límite ambiental publicado por la A.C.G.I.H. (American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists); …   Wikipedia Español

  • Weighted Airmen Promotion System — The Weighted Airmen Promotion System (WAPS) is a United States Air Force program that determines who will be promoted to the ranks of Staff Sergeant (E 5) through Master Sergeant (E 7) and provides feedback score sheets to enlisted members… …   Wikipedia

  • Weighted-Average Life — The Weighted Average Life (WAL) of an amortizing loan or amortizing bond, also called average life, [ [http://www.pimco.com/LeftNav/BondResources/Glossary/ PIMCO glossary] ] is the weighted average of the times of the principal repayments : it s… …   Wikipedia

  • Weighted — A mathematical process by which figures and/or components are adjusted to reflect importance by value or proportion. A weighted average, for example, takes into account the proportional relevance of each component, instead of measuring each… …   Investment dictionary

  • Weighted clothing — is the adding of weight to various parts of the body through attaching weighted pieces to the body which leave the hands free to grasp. Unlike with held weights or machines, the user is generally more apt for normal movement. In some cases… …   Wikipedia

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