Any compound containing two hydrazone groups

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  • dihydrazone — SYN: osazone …   Medical dictionary

  • dihydrazone — di·hydrazone …   English syllables

  • dihydrazone — (ˈ)dī+ noun Etymology: di + hydrazone : a compound containing two hydrazone groupings = NNHR compare osazone …   Useful english dictionary

  • osazone — The compound formed by certain sugars ( e.g., glucose, galactose, fructose) with excess hydrazines, possessing two hydrazones on carbons 1 and 2 instead of only one at C 1, as in the ordinary hydrazone, thus, RNH N=CR′ CR″=N NHR″′; osazones… …   Medical dictionary

  • Osazon — O|s|a|zon [Kurzw. aus ↑ ose (1) u. ↑ Hydrazon], das; s, e: Gruppenbez. für 1,2 Dihydrazone, die sich von α Hydroxycarbonylverb. wie Benzoin, Aldosen u. Ketosen ableiten, z. B. H5C6 NH N=CR1 CR2=N NH C6H5 (Glucose bzw. genauer Hex 2… …   Universal-Lexikon

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