The overarching storyline that binds together events in a role-playing game.

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  • Metaplot — The metaplot is the overarching storyline that binds together events in a role playing game. Major story events that change the world, or simply move important non player characters from one place to another, are part of the metaplot for a game.… …   Wikipedia

  • Metaplot — Synopsis Le ou la synopsis[1] est un résumé du scénario qui décrit les grandes lignes de l histoire et qui permet de se faire une idée globale du thème et de l évolution des personnages. Il sert à présenter un projet de scénario au producteur, au …   Wikipédia en Français

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  • Negation War — was a comic book series published by CrossGen Comics, and serving as a culmination of the metaplots of nearly all of CrossGen s other titles. It only ran for two issues, in Spring 2004, before the company declared bankruptcy and ended production… …   Wikipedia

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  • Time of Judgment — is a series of roleplaying game scenario books for the World of Darkness settings of White Wolf Game Studio. These scenarios are presented as the semi canonical endings of the original World of Darkness, as preparation for the new version of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Tribe 8 (role-playing game) — This article is about Dream Pod 9 s post apocalyptic fantasy role playing game. See Tribe 8 for the San Francisco based lesbian punk band. Infobox RPG title= Tribe 8 caption= designer= Philippe R. Boulle, Stéphane Brochu, Joshua Mosqueira Asheim… …   Wikipedia

  • Chawer — Als Kibbuz (hebräisch: קִבּוּץ, „Zusammenkunft“; Mehrzahl Kibbuzim) bezeichnet man eine ländliche Kollektivsiedlung in Israel mit gemeinsamem Eigentum und basisdemokratischen Strukturen. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Allgemeines 2 Ideologie des Kibbuz 3… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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