Paper Scissors Stone

Paper Scissors Stone

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  • Paper, Scissors, Stone — *Rock, Paper, Scissors, a hand game *Nemesis Game, a film directed and written by Jesse Warn called Paper, Scissors, Stone in Canada *Paper Scissors Stone (album), an album by Welsh band Catatonia …   Wikipedia

  • Paper Scissors Stone (album) — Infobox Album | Name = Paper Scissors Stone Type = studio Artist = Catatonia Released = August 6, 2001 Recorded = ? Genre = Pop / Rock Length = 47.11 Label = Blanco y Negro Records Producer = Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley Reviews = *Allmusic… …   Wikipedia

  • paper scissors rock — noun → rock paper scissors. Also, paper scissors stone …   Australian English dictionary

  • rock paper scissors — noun a game in which two players simultaneously make either a closed fist (signifying a rock), an open hand (signifying paper), or two fingers extended (signifying a pair of scissors), the winning combinations being scissors cutting paper, rock… …   Australian English dictionary

  • Rock Paper Scissors — noun A popular childs game played by using hand signs; frequently used to break ties. Two players face each other with one hand out flat, palm facing up; other hand in a fist strikes the palm three times (often calling out ro! sham! bo! to keep… …   Wiktionary

  • Rock-paper-scissors — Roshambo redirects here. For the phonetically similar name and terms derived from it, see Rochambeau (disambiguation). For the bullying practice, see sack tapping. Rock paper scissors Rock paper scissors chart Years active Chinese Han Dynasty to… …   Wikipedia

  • scissors paper rock — noun → rock paper scissors. Also, scissors paper stone …   Australian English dictionary

  • Scissors Paper Stone — noun The game Rock Paper Scissors …   Wiktionary

  • Running with Scissors (album) — Running with Scissors Studio album by Weird Al Yankovic Released June 29, 1999 …   Wikipedia

  • Jan-ken-pon — nihongo|Jan ken pon|じゃんけんぽん, or more commonly nihongo|janken|じゃんけん, often transliterated in other ways such as jankenpoi, janken po, etc., sometimes called nihongo|rock ken|石拳|ishiken, and known as rock paper scissors in the English speaking… …   Wikipedia

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